Residential rentals franchise

Keen to lead a team of professionals in managing rentals, powered by the Rawson brand and systems?

Business support

One-on-one support

We assist with strategic and operational planning to help you get the results you want. Think of it as private banking for real estate.


We’ll help you build your rentals team.

Business and leadership programmes

You’ll also have access to ongoing training initiatives to ensure you’re always moving your business in the right direction.

Networking events and awards

We run regular events to recognise achievement and celebrate success. As a franchisee, your business and team will have access to all the benefits of being part of the Rawson group.


Brand-building, marketing and PR

We really invest in building our brand across the country, so it felt pretty good to win the Best Real Estate Marketing in South Africa and Africa award at the 2015 International Property Awards.

Branded vehicles at our cost

With over 350 of them across the country, we have the biggest branded fleet in South African real estate. We’ll even help pay for your wrapping.

Easy advertising

We’ll publish your rental listings to all the portals and help design and place your property adverts in leading print media.

Custom designs

Choose from over 150 regularly updated designs and templates on our online platforms. Plus, we’ll customise artwork for you at no charge.

Your own monthly e-newsletter

We’ve got that covered too, with a newsletter featuring your neighbourhood and rental listings.

Technology & tools

User-friendly website

Our award-winning website attracts over 100,000 visitors every month, and is continuously updated with property listings and daily content.

Rental management system

We use a unique web-based system to power our rentals franchise model. It integrates directly with the banks, making it easy to administer a large lease portfolio. The system manages invoicing of tenants, debit orders, payment reminders, payments reconciliations and reporting to landlords.

Clever tools

We’re on a mission to build tools that add value for your customers, like our tenant verification tool, which provides data-rich reports detailing tenant profiles.


Training courses

Our Training Academy offers ongoing legal, sales, soft skills and life skills training to support you and your rental partners. Our facilitators are also available to mentor trainees throughout the year.

Online support

You and your team will have access to online support via our comprehensive knowledge base and online learning hub.

Rawson Assist

Customer support

Our call centre team follows up on enquiries on a daily basis, giving you and your sales partners the support you need.

Lead nurturing and service rating

We run ongoing campaigns to ensure your customers get the communication and service they deserve.

Rawson referrals

Online referrals

Our systems enable you to easily refer business leads to other franchises in our network, while earning additional revenue.

Referrals management

A dedicated team manages these referrals to ensure each one is followed up.

Become a franchisee

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