R390,000 Web Ref 1221579
Vacant stand for a bargan
The vacant stand in the industrial area spans 925 square meters, presenting an open canvas within the heart of the industrial hub. The land is a symbol of potential and opportunity, waiting to be transformed into a bustling center of economic activity. Its dimensions offer ample space for construction, manufacturing, or warehousing facilities. Surrounded by the characteristic hum of industrial machinery, this plot is strategically positioned to facilitate seamless operations and logistical efficiency. The location within the industrial zone ensures proximity to suppliers, customers, and business partners, fostering synergies and enhancing productivity. The stand's vacant nature allows for customized designs and layouts to suit specific business needs. Whether envisioned as a factory, a distribution center, or an office complex, the possibilities are vast. The terrain is relatively flat and ready for construction, minimizing initial groundwork. Access to utilities such as power, water, and sewage systems is readily available, streamlining the development process. The stand is easily accessible from major transportation routes, simplifying the movement of goods and personnel. This plot holds promise for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, inviting them to contribute to the thriving industrial landscape and shape the future of the community.

ERF Size 925 m²
Rates R42 per month
Home Owner Levies R48
Anita Moss
Anita Moss
c. 0796872754